bet-at-home ICE Hockey League – game mode season 2020-21

A total of 44 rounds are again on the schedule in phase one of the regular season. Due to the current number of eleven teams - instead of the HC Orli Znojmo, the iClinic Bratislava Capitals will be taking part in the coming season - each club will play 20 home and 20 away games, meeting each opponent four times. For a win in regulation you get three points. In case of an overtime victory or a success after shootout the winner gets two points, the loser one point. During the season the goal difference is used to calculate the table in case of a tie of two or more teams. However, at the end of the regular season, the direct duels will take precedence over the goal difference in case of a tie between two or more teams!

Points awarded in the intermediate round

The top-5 after the first phase of the regular season qualify early for the playoff and then play for the pick resp. home right for the postseason in the pick round (eight games each, four home, four away). The top-5 qualified teams will receive bonus points for the intermediate round in descending order of 4-2-1-0-0 based on their ranking in the regular season phase one.

The teams in 6th to 11th place, on the other hand, will compete for the remaining three playoff tickets in the Qualification Round following the first phase of the regular season. Bonus points will be awarded in descending order of 8-6-4-2-1-0.

The ranking after the first 44 rounds is still decisive if two or more teams are tied for points at the end of the Pick or Qualification Round.

The exact dates for the intermediate round and the playoffs will be announced later in the season

Playoff pick

The playoff pick by the top-3 teams after the pick round will take place directly after the last gameday of the intermediate round. These teams choose their opponent from the playoff spots 5 to 8. The winner of the Pick Round has the first choice.


The quarterfinals, semifinals and final will be played in "best-of-7" mode. The team that has collect first four wins is one round further. Should an Austrian team and an international club meet in the final, the Austrian club will be the Austrian champion early on.

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